Monday, November 13, 2006

Turkish Delight

This weekend had the delightful experience of being taken to a Turkish restaurant. The food was delightful and I had Turkish Coffee for the very first time. Turkish coffee is wonderful and I look forward to learning how to make it myself.

In addition to the wonderful gastronomic experience, something else happened that was also nice.

The waiter that was in charge of my table came over to me partially through the meal and told me that something smells absolutely wonderful. I looked down at my plate thinking that he was referring to my entree. Just before I could utter even a single word, he told me that he was not referring to my food. He went on to tell me how wonderful I smelled and asked me what I was wearing. I told him it was Black Raspberry Vanilla. He went on to explain to me that while I was there, he would pass my table and couldn't quite figure out before what it was that smelled so wonderful.

I noticed that throughout the course of my meal, I got impeccable service. The owner of the establishment even came over during the meal and made conversation at my table. I don't think he did that with any other customers. I will not deny that I felt a bit like the queen herself in the restaurant with the wonderful service.

I guess my penchant for fragrances has paid off. Now I know the secret to great service: Black Raspberry Vanilla!


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