Friday, November 16, 2007


This has been a rather difficult week for me. I am emotionally, mentally, and physically spent. To top things off, I seem to have managed to pull a ligament in my foot during a fall. So, I am emotionally, mentally, physically spent, and limping.

However, last evening I found a reward at my doorstep. A book that I have been wanting was delivered. It is a first edition, signed, hardcover, and out of print. Ok, let me repeat, it is a first edition, signed by the author, hardcover, out of print, fine condition.

Normally, I can't afford something like that. I have seen a signed, hardcover, first edition being offered on average for a couple of hundered dollars.

The non-fictional book, The Orchid Thief was the basis for the fictional movie, Adaptation (which I also own).

I am so looking forward to reading this book. I am going to devote some time to pleasure reading for a change. The pile of journal articles will just have to wait. I need to recharge right now.

A cup of Earl Grey tea, a warm blanket, purring cats, and The Orchid Thief. What could be better?


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