Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My photography interest is in nature macro/micro photography. All my equipment is geared for that particular area.

People have asked me about taking photographs using human subjects. I have to say that one main reason I have not done it is because I don't have the proper lens for it. Trust me, human subjects and macro lenses are not a good combination, not unless you want all the flaws "enhanced".

But there are times I toy with the idea. I think about getting that type of lens to take certain photographs.

The above photograph certainly makes me think about spending good money on a lens for that type of work.

But there is the added problem of manipulating camera equipment and using myself as the subject at the same time.

But a photograph like the above would certainly be well worth the expense and effort.

A photograph to take the viewer's breath away...

(Photograph by Joseph Hancock)


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