Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I will admit that I like corsets. They are wonderful to enhance the figure in all the right places under a dress or part of a dress. Worn as an outer garment, some of the lovely silk and satin ones are very romantic and even demure. Sometimes I really enjoy showing that feminine side of me and the corset really seems to bring out that part of me. It is not something I wear on a regular basis, but something for an occasional evening out.

From time to time, I will browse the various websites offering absolutely beautiful corsets for sale as well as articles by woman who enjoy corsets.

However, I do find this article disturbing. I realize that corset training was popular in a bygone era, but the article seems to promote it for modern times. An adult deciding to undertake corset training is an adult decision after all. But to write an article that seems to advocate corseting a child 24/7 is just wrong. I really do hope that this article is indeed a work of fiction.

If I should ever have a daughter, I would like to think that she would be a "cut above" due to the intellect and inner beauty I hope to instill in her.


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