Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures with kittens

I think I am actually starting to get used to my fingers, toes, hair, nose, and ears being nibbled on by my foster kittens--sort of. At least I am finding more creative ways to deal with "teething kittens" or kittens who like to explore the world with their mouths--just like human babies.

Anyhow, my foster kitten, Boy, came to me in the evening and started to nibble away at my fingers while I was trying to read. Not conducive to reading. Then he decided to nibble on my ears (very distracting). Then he was nuzzling into my neck (cute, but still distracting). He was very determined. I figured he wanted something, but could not figure out what. Remembering that he was a bottle fed kitten, I got an idea.

I went into the kitchen and prepared a bowl of warm kitten milk replacement. Both Gumdrop and Boy lapped it all up.

I then had two kittens fall asleep content with bellies full of warm milk.

Problem solved.

(Above picture of Boy taken by RCAF volunteer)


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