Monday, February 02, 2009

Artists and Animals

Etsy is a marketplace that sells products made by local artists. My favorite rescue, Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation has been selected as the cause for the month of February.

I ask that you check out the this online place and look through their merchandise. Perhaps you might find something for a loved one? It is never too early to shop for a birthday or even Christmas. Yes, I admit to being one of those people that shop for holidays way before the holiday is even near. This method keeps my budget sane and I confess that I just plain enjoy picking up things for loved ones as I happen to find them. It also keeps me sane through hectic times.

I noticed that the products are reasonably priced. Therefore, even if on a budget you might be able to find something to your liking and pocketbook.

Anyhow, all you have to do is click onto the Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation link and then follow the Etsy links. The artists specifically helping Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation are noted there as well.

And for those of you that are artistically inclined? Perhaps Etsy could be a place to sell your wares. Income and help animals. What could be better?

Thanks for checking it out and happy shopping!


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