Monday, December 29, 2008

Chirstmas decorations gone tacky

Well folks, I have managed to catch yet another cold virus before I was totally over the last one, so I admit, I have not been in the best of mood for the holiday season.

As the holiday season winds down, I have to confess I will be more than happy to see some of those tacky Christmas decorations come down.

I really hate the inflatable decorations. They annoy me. Inflatable Christmas Spongebob? Although I love the Spongebob cartoons, but when did Spongebob become a part of Christmas?

At any rate, the Christmas decorations I abhor the most is the car antlers complete with red nose. Too bad they don't allow open hunting season on those things. The only satisfaction I get from those decorations is knowing that the owners will be ruining their window seals with those things. Imagine the precious look on their faces when the car dealership/repair center tells them why their windows leak.

Good riddance to bad decorations.


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