Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lab meetings once again.

Now that my advisor has finished writing his grants to NIH, it is back to having lab meetings again.

Argh. I hate lab meetings.

More often than not, my advisor seems to ask me to present at lab meetings. Dunno why. Maybe he is just one of those people that can smell fear. Really. I think that from now on I am going to keep a log of the times I have to present versus the other people in the lab and then casually point out the running total to him. No reason I should be the favorite presenter/victim, right?

Although too bad I could not prolong my larygitis until next lab meeting. But somehow, I get the feeling even that it would not get me out of presenting. I could just hear my advisor telling me that I don't need a voice to show my data. Just make some slides with proper captions and make sure my graphs are well labeled. Yep, I can hear that.

Anyhow, before asking me to present, my advisor looked straight at one of our postdocs and ask him to present his data. The postdoc blankly looked back at him and said, "What data?"

Now, mind you, I have seen this postdoc collecting data for weeks now.

Hmmm. "What data?" Maybe next time I should try that approach instead?


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