Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

My cats are resourceful furry little creatures. They have somehow determined where my bedroom window is and thus will meow underneath when Katie is blissfully asleep. I do my best not to reinforce this behavior, but they do it anyhow.

Marzepan and Alley do this on a regular basis. No surprise since they are sisters. They will also climb up on the chain link fence in order to make sure their vocalizations are within reach of my ear.

But Alley decided that she was going to take this a step further and get closer to my window as well as get a good view of the blissfully sleeping Katie. She decided to jump from the chain link fence onto the roof of my neighbor's garage. The problem with this approach was that getting up is easy, but coming down is near impossible as the only way down would be to jump from the roof onto the concrete, or jump onto the narrow chain link fence. As agile as she is, she is not stupid to try this route and risk serious injury. Hence, the normal meowing turned into blood curdling panic-filled shrieks that jolted Katie from her blissful slumber.

So, at 5am yesterday morning, I found myself crawling up my neighbor's garage roof attempting to first to persuade Alley to be less panic stricken and get close enough to me, then finally getting a hold of Alley and bringing her down.

Note to self: Buy a new and very sturdy ladder because most likely I get the feeling I will need it again for something.


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