Monday, August 20, 2007

He made it!

Rorschach pulled through all his medical troubles somehow last week. He developed a bad abscess below his ear secondary to an ear infection over the weekend. The infection spread so quickly that by the time I could get him to the vet on Monday, the tissue was already necrotic. The vet of course, had to do a surgical repair on the area, but had to wait a bit due to the fact his body was not well enough to undergo the surgery. There was also a lot of concern about him pulling through because of his age (16 years old). But he got through the surgery on Wednesday.

So, since all went fairly well, I was supposed to pick him up at the vet on Friday. But Rorschach had other plans. He went into respiratory distress. Possible fluid overload? Labored breathing, congested lungs, vomiting, and lethargy. I spent my Friday evening crying and holding my cat.

Somehow, thankfully, he responded to the Lasix and brochodialators. He came home on Saturday with lots of meds and careful observation.

He seems to be on the path to recovery finally. But keeping my fingers crossed and a watchful eye on him.

If he is up to it, I will see if he will not mind me taking a picture of him in the Elizabethian collar (aka cone, lampshade) and I will post it for all to see.


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