Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A kiss is just a kiss?

A few years ago I attended a lecture by ACS on the role of atomic oxygen in art restoration. The problem was that prior to the lecture I attended a party in which alcohol was served. So, I went to the lecture a bit tipsy. Suffice it to say, for some reason I found the lecture amusing and had a difficult time stiffling my giggles. What I found so humorous was that someone decided to kiss a painting by Andy Warhol. A lipstick mark kiss on a bathtub left me rather amused.

Today, I happened to stumble upon the article which covered the topic in the ACS lecture. Here is the article.

I still find the article amusing on the "lipstick kiss". I suppose it amuses me why a person would decide to kiss a painting of a bathtub. So, perhaps my giggles were not alcohol induced. Enhanced? Perhaps.

But I did learn my lesson at the lecture though. One should not sit front row center with the giggles. But at least I was in good company because another graduate student (who was also a bit tipsy) found the lecture just as amusing.

Chemistry lectures and humor? I suppose I get my amusement where I can.


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