Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The above picture is of the Common Blue Morpho butterfly(Morpho peleides). When it spreads it wings out, it has the most beautiful irridescent blue coloration. Words cannot describe the transformation that takes places from seeing it from its folded wings to seeing it with its wings spread out.

There seems to be much legend and lore associated with the Blue Morpho butterfly. No doubt since it is quite a spectacular butterfly sure to evoke the imagination with its almost magical transformation.

One such story a friend of mine once told me is that if you capture the Blue Morpho butterfly, you will achieve your deepest desire. However, a warning comes with this promise. You must be careful because your deepest desire is what you fear the most.

I have yet to capture the Blue Morpho butterfly in its transformation. It keeps fleeting before me and my camera. I have also yet to face my fears. Both continue to elude me.

(The above picture was taken early this summer that I photographed at the Franklin Conservatory. Please click on photo for a nice closeup.)


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