Friday, September 07, 2007


Sorry, but this to me is more of a fashion faux pas rather than a fashion statement.

I remember about 15 years ago wearing a certain black mini skirt to work. It was made of this nice cotton/lycra material. Very form fitting. Unfortunately, left very little margin for error so to speak. The problem was that I had gained about 10 pounds at that time since I purchased the skirt. As a result, the thing kept creeping up to my bum all day long. I kept pulling it down during the course of the entire day. Fortunately, it did not show anything as in the above photo, but it would not have taken much more for the public to see my choice in underwear--seriously, another inch or two is all it would have taken.

I did notice that on that particular day, I got great service at the hospital cafeteria, was asked to cut in line at the cashier at same cafeteria, and never had to even touch a door to have it opened for me. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to have added a corsette to that outfit rather than the sweater I was wearing, I think I would not have had to do any work that day as well, no?

Digression aside, sometimes, there is such a thing as leaving something to the imagination, no? As well as clothing that is not tacky.


Blogger William the Coroner said...

Cheeky thing.

Friday, September 07, 2007 12:29:00 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Sometimes, you just gotta turn the other cheek...

Friday, September 07, 2007 3:49:00 PM  
Blogger William the Coroner said...

Turn it over?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, September 17, 2007 2:36:00 PM  

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