Thursday, November 01, 2007

Talking in my sleep...

I have my alarm clock set to our local public radio station. I like this because I enjoy waking up to hearing a human voice as well as listening to something hopefully interesting as I am being nudged from my slumber.

However, I am finding two problems with this.

This first problem is that I have been consistently sleeping through my alarm. As a graduate student, I have become quite adept at dozing through someone talking. This can be rather annoying when I am listening to a talk and I actually want to hear what the speaker has to say.

The second problem is that my brain seems to have no problem integrating the subject of the radio program into my dreams. This has lead to some very very weird dreams.

So, I think perhaps it is time to switch to a music station. Perhaps then I will end the talking in my sleep...

[Sorry, but I have no intention on disclosing the contents of my dreams. Dreams are windows to the mind and I have my secrets...]

But here is a nice video of a song that I enjoy and seems to suit my post and my mood.


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