Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Too many pies

Ever since I can remember, even as a very young girl, I have had a lot of interests and hobbies. For a while, I attended two schools. One, the normal every day type of school people go to, and Hungarian evening school where I learned to read and write Hungarian as well as the other subjects such as culture, history, geography, etc. In addition to this, there were the music lessons. For a while, it was just violin. Then I took organ and voice during the same time period. Since my music teacher taught both voice and organ, I could fit both lessons into one time period. But it was tiring as the lessons could last as long as three hours at a stretch if I had a performance coming up.

As I have gotten older, it seems I have added more interests rather than less.

To compound matters, I have this chronic fatigue syndrome called graduate school where I am just perpetually tired. I wish so much I could be one of those people who only need 2-3 hours of sleep a night.

Now, I am attempting to get back into music rather than just live it vicariously through listening to my CD's. I don't know how I will find the energy to do this as well.

But I suppose humans are good at adapting. I too, will adapt. But what I am hoping most of all, is that by putting energy into this endeaver, it will lift me out of my depression and reclusive state. Thus, hopefully, energy and new found enthusiasm will be returned to me.


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