Monday, November 19, 2007

This is Wrong

It seems to me, that this is just wrong.

The chestnut that came off a tree that Anne Frank gazed upon while hiding from the Nazis is being auctioned off on ebay. I checked the listing and so far, it has a price of $700. Boasting, that you can grow your own Anne Frank Chestnut tree from the Chestnut fruit being sold.

I find no problem with propagating this particular (now diseased) tree. It seems like a lovely sentiment to have seedlings of this particular tree.

However, it just seems wrong to me to profit in some way from a person's suffering and demise.

I find no mention of the proceeds going to some charity or to some cause to better the world or mankind in any way. I can only assume that this is for pure profit.

This just seems wrong.

Am I the only one whose stomach is turning from this story?

(Editorial note added 11/21/07: The ebay item sold for a final price of $10,240.00.)


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