Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pink Lips and Bubblegum

One of my foster cats, Siouxsie is currently sick with an upper respiratory infection. Most likely viral, but she has to be on pediatric amoxicillin. The amoxicillin is being used as a preventative measure because cats very frequently will develop bacterial infections from this.

Siouxsie, does not like the pink bubblegum flavored amox. Can't say I blame her. After all, the pediatric amox is not manufactured with cat palates in mind. But she is pretty good with taking the liquid meds. The only problem is that since she does not like the stuff, some of it does tend to dribble out and stain her white fur around her lips. So, she ends up with pink around her lips. I can't help thinking that she reminds me very much of the child who gets into her mom's pink lipstick and has it smeared around her lips from improper application.

It looks cute and it amuses me. Who would have though a sick cat would be a highlight of my week?


Anonymous William the Coroner said...

There is a compounding pharmacy in Cleveland Heights on Silsby that will do meds in flavours. They might be up to the challenge of doing something in "mouse" or "fish". I'm thinking that Cod Liver Oil would be the basis of the fish flavour.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 1:17:00 PM  

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