Thursday, July 24, 2008

The girl behind the lens

Earlier this week I was looking over my photographs from the Mid-Ohio American Le Mans Series with Thomas who is my photography mentor. We picked out four of the best photographs and they are now at DODD camera being printed. Thomas and I also discussed things that could have made the photographs better. I already figured out those things on my own, but because of one limitation or another, was not feasible to incorporate under the circumstances (such as using a polarizing filter which I have for my macro lenses but not for my larger telephoto lens).

As we were going over the photographs, Thomas said to me, “You know, you should start selling your photographs.”


“No, really, you need to start selling your photographs. You can make some money.”

*Blink Blink*

These statements are from the same person who two years ago when viewing some of my photographs would periodically say, “What the hell were you thinking about when you took this picture? You obviously were not thinking about the subject.” Or my favorite comment/feedback being, “Did you suffer brain damage from heat stroke when you took this picture?”

But now, I have grown to the point where I can take pictures worthy enough to sell. Pictures that people would actually want to display. And even some pictures that make people look twice. Although I still feel like I have great deal yet to learn, I have finally gotten past being the little fledgling photographer.

When I first held a Digital SLR in my hands, a dream formed in my mind. The dream was to someday sell my photography/artwork. Someday to create my own website with my photographs and offer them for sale. That dream is now finally beginning to actually take shape.

As of yesterday, I am now armed with a Nikon D-200 (considered semi-professional). Thus, I now have serious shooting power. I have finally earned the right to use such a tool. No longer the inexperienced shooter fumbling with the settings.

I am in the league playing with the big boys now.

(The above picture is my favorite that I took form the Mid-Ohio American Le Mans Series in a larger jpeg for effect. Click on for a close-up as an imagage is even evident in the car's mirror capture by the camera with the car going at high speed)


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