Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging

A Bleg.

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Once again the Shelter Challenge is up and going and Rainbow Connection (the rescue organzation for which I volunteer) is in the running to win a grant. This grant is greatly needed as it would help homeless cats (and even one dog). Also, it would help the kitties in their hospice (the kitties that cannot be adopted out but can otherwise lead happy and safe lives). You see, once an animal comes to Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation, it is assured that it will never be homeless again (the animal can be returned for any reason) and euthanasia is ONLY performed in medically warrented cases.

I am fostering three cats for them at the moment. I can assure you that their fate for various factors would not have been so favorable at a euthanasia shelter. Because I fostered them and worked with them, they are lovable and highly adoptable.

Please help me by voting for them. The site is the animal rescue site. Just type in Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation where you see the search field. You can also add Ohio for the state search field. From there hit search and it will show a field to vote. That is it! A few moments to help animals!

Please vote daily and you can vote from more than one computer!

Thank You!!!!
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