Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I admit to owning most of Sarah Brightman's CDs. Her latest, Symphony is no exception in my collection. I am please to see that she is incorporating more power in her pieces as it seems to suit her impressive vocal range. Fleurs du Mal is a nice example:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

I know blogging has been light--still working on the hard drive failure. BSOD sucks. Anyhow, it is still important to go vote for Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation as described in this post. Please vote everyday!

As you may know, they give prizes to the top shelters in each state. All things considered, Rainbow Connection is not doing too bad in terms of state rank. Perhaps your vote can give them the top spot? Anyhow, go forth and vote! Please.

Thank you!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ares I

Miz Minka wrote this post about the Ares I rocket.

I have to confess that I feel somewhat privledged to know an individual working on the Ares I project. It is pretty cool to listen to him "talk shop" and I just passively sit there absorbing all the delightful information. Just last week over dinner we talked quantum mechanics. How cool is that?

NASA will be sending him down for the Ares I project--only fair since he is working on the project. Who knows, perhaps he will bring back cool footage for me to watch? At the very least, I can count on great conversation.

As I child, I have looked to the stars and let my imagination soar at the wonders beyond our world. When lost, I have used those very stars in the sky to navigate my way home. Now, I get to hear the cool stories (nothing confidental of course) behind our exploration of the stars.

Flesh is flesh...

A Vent

Forgive me, for I am irked.

It has been the week from hell. It started with the hard drive failure and progressively got worse from there.

Things culminated yesterday when a "big shot" of the research institute decided to burn my hand.

To make a long story short, I was getting a nice bowl of hot soup from the cafeteria for lunch. The said "big shot" decided to bump into me scalding my hand with the hot bowl of soup.

The cafeteria staff doted on me, cleaned me up, gave me a cool wet towel for my hand, asked if I needed medical assistance, got my name for a report, and gave me a free lunch (in retrospect I should have opted for the lasagna special). The "big shot" was just slightly apologetic and high tailed out of there.

Sincere amends for the situation would have been the least he could do. Follow up to make sure I was ok is not too much to ask either.

All I can say is that flesh is flesh. It still burns whether it is attached to the president of a foundation or a graduate student just trying to make it through the week with a bit of sanity...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


more animals

Yep, the hard drive is good and dead. Dr. J. says he will give it a final look. In the meantime, I am getting a new one.

If nothing more can be done for it, I think I have found a place for the old dead hard drive--right in the path of a borrowed .50 caliber. Somehow, I get the feeling that I will only need one bullet as my aim will be perfect in this case...
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