Friday, November 17, 2006

Cat Behavior

In honor of Friday Cat Blogging, I decided to also post a story of something that happened to me this week regarding my cats.

I have been rather sick the past couple of weeks battling a nasty cold virus. But I managed to drag myself to the grocery store and pick up a nice bag of rolls the other day. However, I was so tired that I just went home and went to bed without eating any of the rolls. I will have them the next day I thought.

So, driving home the next day, I was contemplating about dinner. Those rolls will go nicely with my dinner that I had planned. I came home and looked on the kitchen counter. No rolls. What the heck? How could a bag of rolls just vanish? By sheer accident, I happened to look down and see my rolls a soggy mess in the cat water bowl on the floor!

Now, mind you, my cats are fairly well behaved and don't do things like this. However, I saw that next to the water bowl, the bowl that contains their dry crunchies was empty. In my miserable state of feeling sick, I forgot to fill the dry cat food bowl that morning.

Now, there is an entire bag of opened dry cat food just sitting by the wall in the kitchen. Do you think that they would just simply get into the bag and much on the contents as my logic would dictate? Oh no! Why do that when you can open a bag of rolls, munch on those, and then dump the rest in the water as a means of revenge on thy human!


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