Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I am not a believer in astrology. But every so often I will read it just to amuse myself (hey, I try to get my amusement where I can).

So, today I decided to read what my astrology says. It says the following:

Put some pizzazz in your career, home and relationship. Flirt via text message. Give a presentation with storyboards instead of PowerPoint. Buy yourself flowers just because. A few small moves brighten up your life.

Well, being a graduate student, I will not dispute that my career does indeed need some pizzazz. Sometimes I feel like I am just one step above slave labor. Flirt via text message? Don't think so. Don't see myself wanting to spend the extra money on text messaging. See previous statement about "slave labor". Storyboards instead of Powerpoint? That ain't gonna fly with my committee members. Not sage advice. Buying myself flowers? Now they are on to something! An orchid? Yes, a nice orchid to add to my collection.

Like I really needed an excuse to go and buy myself another orchid?


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