Thursday, August 23, 2007

Neckties as a Phallus?

A well dressed man will certainly make me look twice. Something perhaps triggering a response from watching too many Bogart and Cary Grant movies? A desire to be that Eva Gardner or Ingrid Bergman of a bygone era? Or is it that perhaps deep down, I want to be that fantasy girl that the silver screen has made famous? Throw in silk full length gown with an orchestra in the background and I will relinquish my "independent woman card" to be that damsel feeling safe and protected.

Ah yes, back to the orginal subject of neckties. I got a bit carried away in fantasy land. So, anyhow, neckties, of course, are part of the well dressed attire. Imagine my surprise when I read this article about neckties being a phallic symbol.

I am not sure I agree with the article. But one thing is for certain, I don't think I will look at a necktie the same way ever again.

Just hope that I don't blush when looking...


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