Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I decided to have a late lunch today. I took my lunch into the research commons area. I noticed it was pretty much empty since it was so late in the afternoon. Fine by me. I like it that way. It gives me the chance to enjoy my lunch and be alone in my thoughts. A chance to day dream perhaps?

I was not completely alone. A small group of people were sitting at a table a little further from me.

As I started to eat my lunch, remnants from a lovely dinner I had the previous evening, the conversation from the table over started to invade my solitude.

It became obvious that an auditor had come and performed an audit on the cafeteria in the research commons. He was discussing his findings:

At first, the conversation was discussing keeping things at a certain safe temperature. This is boring enough that I can somewhat block out. Now, where was I in my nice thoughts?

Then he started discussing the large number of mouse droppings he found. Okay, now my nice thoughts have been interrupted. But how many mouse droppings are we talking about? Can we quantify this please? Something like mouse dropping/cm?

Then he started taking about mouse droppings and cross contamination. Okay, I realize that food places are not sterile environments, but not something I want to hear about right now. Again, how many mouse droppings/cm?

Then he started talking about not having the baits in the food preparation area due to cross contamination of poison. Blue-green feces is an indication of rodent poison in the feces, but he can't say for certain due to the fact that this is a research institute and the blue-green feces could be due to something from the laboratories. Oh? So rather than worry about a small amount of anti-coagulant(from the rodent poison) getting into my body, I need to be thinking about some research reagent cross contaminant in my food? Yuck!

This went a long way in killing my appetite and killing my nice thoughts.


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