Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Meme

Found on Sparrow:

1. Diamonds or Pearls? Diamonds, baby. Diamonds. I have pearls. I love pearls. But I can afford some pearls. I am going to desire what I can't afford. While I am at it, how about the rare ones. A nice red or Canary perhaps? Blue is pretty as well.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Indulges my senses. The scent and the taste is just wonderful.

3. Beatles or Stones? Neither really. But given a choice, I will pick Beatles.

4. Steak or Pasta? Steak. My apologies to the bovines.

5. Revolver or Semi-Automatic? Well, my experience is a little limited in this regard, but I would have to say semi-automatic. I lost my "handgun virginity" with a semi-automatic. But there is something very sexy about a revolver that I just can't quite put my finger on...

6. Feather or Foam? Feather. Nothing quite so wonderful as sleeping on a bed of feathers, a pillow of feathers, and a comfortor of feathers. Of course I had hell to pay in the morning with my allergies, but that is the price to pay for a piece of heaven.

7. Republican or Democrat? Oh geez. I take the fifth on this one.

8. Stick or Automatic? Automatic. Although I did start to learn on a stick. However, if someone wants to for some reason to give me a nice Ferrari or Porsche, I will drive stick.

9. Table Service or Buffet? Although I do like being able to see my food before I choose. But if I already know ahead of time what I want, I will gladly take Table service and enjoy the luxury of being waited on.

10. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall? Spring. Fall used to be my favorite season. But too many bad things have happened to me in the fall, so right now, the season is clouded with unpleasant memories. Right now spring does it for me. It is the promise that spring holds that I enjoy. The energy and new life.

11. Sailboat or Motorboat? Sailboat. I like the slow, relaxing pace. Something also about allowing the wind to carry you someplace.

12. Dogs or Cats? Cats. I do like dogs. But I have always had cats.

13. Beer or Wine? Wine. Especially the dessert wines of the Tokaj region. VERY expensive (some out of my price range), but oh so worth it.

14. Hugs or kisses? Hugs. Kissing is nice as well.

15. Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart? Tough one. Cary Grant. I really liked An Affair to Remember and North by Northwest. Cary Grant seems to exude that feeling of protection and safety I yearn for in a man.

16. Pie or Cake? Cake. Moist, preferably chocolate cake.

17. Tea or Coffee? Coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain beans freshly roasted, ground fresh and then prepared by the French Press method. Tea is nice when relaxing though.

18. Male Friends or Female Friends? Tough one. With male friends I don't have the weird competition that female friends seem to have. With female friends, I don't have the weird sexual vibes that I sometimes get from my male friends. But right now, I am closest to my female friends than male friends, so I will go with female friends for this answer.

19. Pool or Beach? Beach. Warm sand beneath my toes. Listening to the crash of waves. Water the temperature of bath water. Hmmmm. Soothing. However, for actually swimming, I prefer a pool. It is clean(er) , usually hygenic due to chemicals, and you don't get that "sticky salt water" feel on the skin.

20. Hotter or Colder? Gosh this one is tough considering it is November and I really dislike the cold. But logically, you can put on more clothes on when cold, but when hot, you can only take so much off and be naked and still hot. But I cannot deny that there is something about heat that makes me feel alive and invigorated. Almost sensual. The cold? Well, the cold just makes me want to snuggle up to a fireplace and hibernate. So, I guess I will take Hotter. Although if I was doing this Meme in late July in 90+ degree weather during a photography expedition in a wetland with near 100 percent humidity, the answer just might be different...


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