Monday, March 24, 2008

Hungarian Court Dance

It would seem that some memories have been triggered from the days when I used to dance the Palotás . It is a Hungarian court/palace dance that is somewhat similar to the minuet. I have to say, I do miss those days and feel a bit nostalgic. Perhaps lately, I just have been feeling more in touch with my Hungarian side.

I have to confess that doing all that footwork in high heels was not an easy task. But I had no choice as I always seem to get the tall guys as my partner. But looking at my pictures of when I danced the Palotás, I guess that most Hungarian guys are just much taller than I am.

My dress is/was also much much more ornate and "restricting". Dancing in a corset was no easy task. You really do learn very quickly not lace a corset too tightly.

Anyhow, I found a clip of a group dancing the Palotás.



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