Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Spring Meme

Ah, today is the vernal equinox. That means spring is here. Okay, it is a little difficult to believe with the new snow fall from yesterday, but really, spring is supposed to be here. Okay, anyhow, here is spring meme I found at Miz Minka's:

Your favorite part of spring? Milder temperatures, spring woodland flowers, and all the photographic opportunities.

Your least favorite part of spring? The beginning of Daylight Savings Time. I am not a morning person.

Your favorite springtime color/s? The soft tender green coupled with pinks and lavenders.

Your favorite bird(s)? I would say the Mourning Dove. I have a pair that nests in my blue spruce and I love listening to them coo. Somehow, it is soothing.

Your least favorite bird? Grackles. They congregate in groups and make a lot of noise. They seem particularly fond of waking me up in the morning.

Your favorite springtime “bloomer”? Hyacinths. I love everything about them, especially their fragrance.

Your favorite flower, period? Orchids and then roses.

Your least favorite flower? Carnations. They seem to be in abundance at funerals and their scent and presence seems to evoke images of death for me. A few in a bouquet are fine, but not in a majority.

Your favorite springtime activity? Going hiking to do photography and enjoying all the spring woodland flowers.

A song that makes you think of spring? Vivaldi's Spring of his Four Seasons. Okay, I know it is not a song...How about White Coral Bells? I remember learning the song in grade school:

White Coral Bells upon a slender stalk.
Lilies of the Valley deck my garden walk.
Oh, don't you wish that you can hear them ring?
That will happen only when the faeries sing.

Your favorite springtime poem, if any: Um. This is tough because my favorite spring poems are in Hungarian. I grew up learning them as a child.


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