Monday, February 04, 2008

The Leading Role

WtC has a post about what actor/actress you would have play you in a role. So, I think I will play along.

A computer program once analyzed my facial features and told me that the celebrity I resemble the most is Eva Gardner. I do see some features in common. Mostly the deep set eyes I think. But hey, if a computer program tells me I look like the sexy siren I am not going to argue.

However, a blogger told me that he thought I resembled more a young Gracie Allen. I am inclined to agree. I think I have a stronger resemblence to Gracie Allen.

However, the problem with Eva Gardner and Gracie Allen is that they are no longer alive. So, I need to pick someone who is still alive.

When I started graduate school, one of my classmates (now my best friend), told me that I resembled Helen Hunt.

I saw Helen Hunt in "As Good as It Gets" and I enjoyed the movie as well as her role. Give her hair a bob and some loose curls, tint her hair red, give her blue contacts for her eyes, and she is set for the role.

There you have it!


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