Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

Still Blegging

Each year, countless numbers of wonderful cats are euthanized because their only crime in life was that they could not find a good home. This really does break my heart. Kill shelters will often euthanize if a cat has been there "too long", is timid around others, or has developed a communicable, yet treatable disease (like ringworm or an upper respiratory infection). Although I don't agree with this practice, I do realize that sometimes, these shelters have no other option.

The rescue organization I volunteer for is a non-kill shelter. They only euthanize as a last resort (the animal is in pain or as a humane last act--like in the case of total paralysis). Animals that have developed a terminal illness or medical problem are put into their "kitty hospice" and permitted to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and love. Once an animal has made its way to the care of Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation, it is assured that all is done to make sure it is never again homeless and can live out its life in comfort and love. Animals that are returned are re-evaluated and put up for adoption (or put into kitty hospice). Cats, from time to time will develop an illness and that illness is treated in the volunteer's home. Just earlier this year, all the cats in my household developed an upper respiratory infection. Every one got treated (including myself at times as some of the bubblegum flavored amox got in my mouth from attempting to dose the cat). Every one of my foster cats recovered nicely and all of them were later adopted into very loving homes.

I would like to see all this needless euthanasia come to an end. Help me by voting for Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation's contest to win a grant to support them as described in this post.

Please vote every day and pass it along to a friend if possible. Thank You!


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