Sunday, March 18, 2007

Itsy Bitsy

I pose to you, can you find the micro spider in this macro photograph?

One of the joys of doing macro photography is that sometimes I will find things in my pictures I did not know was there. Sometimes not until I bring up the pictures on the computer or I zoom in on the camera display after taking the picture. In this case, I found an intsy bitsy spider when I was taking photographs and I zoomed in on the display on the camera to check how sharp the picture turned out. Unexpectedly, I found this spider. So, I decided to turn the attention of the camera on making the subject matter the spider instead of the flower. Hence the above photograph.

Originally I was not all that interested in photographing the flowers and just wanted to sit down on the ground for a bit because I had already been hiking for about 12 hours and I was tired from the hiking, carrying around my equipment all day, and a bit overheated from the hot summer sun. I photographed the flowers more for study later rather than a photography subject.

At the time, sadly, I did not yet acquire my diopter lens adapter and was not able to make the itsy bitsy spider a proper macro photography subject. The spider was extemely small and my 105mm was still not enough.

But who knows, maybe our paths will cross again...

(If you have trouble locating the spider, you can click on the picture for a better close-up).


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