Friday, March 23, 2007

Salamander Report

Despite missing the first wave of salamander migration at North Chagrin, I was able to see the second wave of migration. It was quite wonderful and I got some nice pictures. Let me tell you, it is quite chalenging photographing when it is pitch dark. For starters, you have to manipulate much of the camera by feel. Then illuminating a nocturnal creature when it does not want to be illuminated is another problem as well. But all in all, it was well worth all my efforts because I got to see some really wonderful creatures. If I may add, although I was quite covered in mud at the conclusion of this expedition, I did not get as muddy as I feared. With all that said, here are the picures (please click on the pictures for a close up):
(This is a Red Spotted Newt):

(This is a Spotted Salamander):

(This is a Jefferson Salamander--very few ever get to see this one due to its elusive behavior. I was very fortunate to have seen it.):


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