Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Orchid Passions

Tonight is a night I look forward to. It is my orchid society's annual Christmas meeting and party. Yes, orchid societies DO exist and I belong to one. Not only do I get the chance to talk about orchids with like-minded (obsessed) people, but I get a free orchid at the Christmas party. And who knows, maybe even win a raffle plant (orchid).

I won the raffle plant one year on my birthday (still have the orchid). It made up for the fact that the boyfriend at that time was being a super jerk on my birthday. Yes, one should not have to cry on her birthday. But as I said, winning the big beautiful orchid made up for it. And eventually I got rid of the boyfriend.

This year is also the time my thoughts and actions tend towards serious preparation of my orchids for the annual show (March 2008). There is much work to be done in terms of preening, training, and overall babying. Also, if I don't see a bloom spike by the end of this month on a plant, I can pretty much assume it will not be in bloom in time for the show. Right now, I have several bloom spikes coming up and hope for more.

I always hope that one year, I will walk away with Best of Show. It is hard competition as both amateurs and professional growers compete together. But even so, I did come away with first place in 2006. The above pictures shows my orchid that took first place.

Just once, I want to walk away with the Trophy. Just once. Until then, I will not be satisfied.

(Photography by Thomas Koeck)


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