Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lab Mishap

Note to self: Keep a change of clothes in the lab at all times.

Case in point:
On New Year's eve, I finished up my experiment and was taking my buffers into to the cold room where I store them. I was about a few feet away from my bench area and Arnab (one of the postdocs) was in front of me. He turned around, uttered some type of sound and proceeded to toss his tank of gel running solution all over me. Apparently I "scared" him by "sneaking" up on him. He did not hear me walking behind him. So, there I was, dripping in gel running solution.

Both Arnab and Thomas spent some time cleaning me up. Water to get rid of the solution on me. That meant I became more soaked and hence wetter.

I was advised that apparently I am too quiet when walking. That I am like a cat that makes no sound when walking. That I should wear a cat collar with a bell so people know where I am.

At any rate, since my experiment was already finished, I decided to call it a day. It was not a pleasant walk to my car from the research institute in the winter cold being soaked to the skin. I was planning on changing my clothes anyhow for New Year's Eve, but had to do it more sooner than later.

The good thing is that at least I was not wearing my more formal-ish attire that I decided to wear for the evening out. It was also a good thing that it was not a day that Arnab was working with cyanide.


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