Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fashion trashiness

I went down to the cafeteria commons at the research institute to have my lunch that I brought.

The cafeteria was halfway filled with some seller selling what I term "expensive trash".

Visualize giant purses in colors of lime green, bright fuchsia pink, and metallic colors that scream. Imagine some of these purses with giant gold chains.

There even was a purse by Baby Phat covered in fake fur. Ick.

Who wears this stuff other than "ladies of the night"?

Oh, and there was bottles of cologne/perfume. I did not even know that Paris Hilton had a line of perfumes out. But who would buy it and wear it? I guess it just went along with the rest of the trashiness. Do people really want to emulate Paris Hilton?

Seriously, has understated elegance gone by the wayside?


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