Friday, March 28, 2008

Life's changes and directions

I met my best friend back about eight years ago. I was the quiet introvert while she was the exuberant extrovert. We defined ourselves as being like the yin and the yang of friendships. In all the ways we were different we complimented and learned from each other. But in so many other ways, we were very much alike. We supported each other through various relationship break-ups, the trials of graduate school, and all the bad things that life threw at us. I have always thought of her more as a sister than a friend. We joke with each other that we will always be friends because we know too much "dirt" about each other to be enemies. Yes, we have been through thick and thin along with seeing each other at our worst times in life.

It is no surprise that we often would talk on the phone for hours. Last night was no exception. Whenever I get a call from her, I can pretty much figure that I will be on the phone for at least three hours or until my phone battery dies--whichever comes first.

Yesterday I learn that she finally landed her assistant professor position. Yeah! She also is pregnant--will probably marry soon as well. Wow. She is certainly very deserving all the good that is happening to her.

I also know that our friendship will now drastically change because of the new changes in her life. Yes, we will always remain friends. But I know that a distance between us will grow with her new found responsibilities and impending motherhood.

I am very pleased and happy that all these positive events have gone her way. Yet, I feel very sad...I am still an uncharted ship in a storm just trying to stay afloat and not knowing if the winds will bring me to a safe harbor.


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