Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging



Fostering cats can be emotionally taxing at times. But it is worth it when I get an email like this:

Subject: Twilight & Sunlight

Hi there! I just wanted email you quickly to let you know that the girls are GREAT!!! Unfortunately I've been unable to find my USB cable for my digital camera, so I can't send any pictures at the moment! These girls are awesome. They adapted beautifully to our home and are the most affectionate cats. We really love them!!! My other cats adjusted nicely to the girls. In fact, Tommie (my other cat) & Sunlight wrestle each other every morning. It's quite funny to watch.

Just wanted to say thanks for raising some great cats & just know that they're very much loved here!!!

Sunlight and Twilight were two kittens I rescued, fostered, and got them adopted through a great rescue organization. After a few years, they lost their home and needed to look for a new home. I once again had to foster them. The total fostering time was about 6 months. I came to think of them as my own cats until I was contacted that a family was interested in adopting them. I brought them to the adoption center to meet the adoptive family. I could tell they were a perfect match for the cats. I shed some tears after the adoption process, but the look on the adoptive family's faces told me that this was meant to be. They could not have found a better home. The email above only confirmed my thoughts on the matter and made me feel like it was all worth it at the end. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that I could give so much joy and love away.


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