Thursday, August 31, 2006

Magical Thinking...

For quite sometime now, people have amusingly enough called me a witch because they say I have certain magical "powers".

Interestingly enough, people have once again starting calling me a witch in my current laboratory without any prior knowledge or contact with people who previously called me a witch.

The reason for this is because apparently instruments and anything electrical seems to malfunction in my presence. Although I certainly don't believe that I am the cause behind all this, I am no doubt always the common variable when the malfunction/failure occurs. Although it is true that "correlation implies causation", this is certainly not a case of "cause and effect".

The most noteworthy example that is recounted in my lab for me being a witch is when three electronical devices hooked up to different sources of power simutaneously failed in my presence.

At one point, one of my labmates said to me that the instruments just go "ga-ga" when I walk by. This is when he was attempting to weigh something out on a balance and the readings started going down instead of up as he continuously kept adding more matter.

I have even been told by one of my labmates to "stay away" when doing a critical experiment. Of course, each time anything malfunctions in my presence, it is only added to the list of "evidence" that I am indeed a witch with magical powers.

Now, an interesting thing happened to me earlier this week. I was driving to the lab thinking how much I did not want to go to lab meeting that morning. I was wishing that there was somehow I could get out of lab meeting. As I was thinking this, my car broke down on the freeway.

Just in case, maybe I should not think these things anymore. After all, from now on, I am going to be careful what I wish for...


Blogger Gary said...

Could you use your magical powers to help me the next time I have a problem with spider mites?

Thursday, August 31, 2006 8:09:00 PM  

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