Monday, January 29, 2007

Cold Weather and Cats

It has been rather cold lately where I live. What I cannot figure out is why is it that cold makes my cats turn into little furry demons?

I am perfectly content to go into "hibernation" mode when it is cold. I am talking heavy blankets, hot tea or coffee, hot bubble baths, and activities that are geared towards staying warm.

My cats on the other hand, take the cold as an excuse to gear up their mischief. These activities include, but not limited to playing with noisy toys when I am trying to sleep, seeing how fast they can run around the house as if possessed by some demon, wanting to play when I want to sleep, using the floor rugs as a sled across the floors, etc. It is as if the cold transforms my normally well behaved cats into furry demons.

I found myself this morning spending more time straightening up after their night of mischief then I would normally spend getting ready in the morning.

I hope it warms up soon. Otherwise I wonder if someday soon I might see one or more of them swinging from the chandelier?

I so dread going home tonight and seeing what mischief they have gotten into while I have been away during the day...


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