Friday, March 30, 2007

Good grief!

I stopped by on my way home yesterday at this convenience store close to where I live. Since it is near to my house, I have stopped in often enough to the point where the store owner is familiar with me to a certain degree.

As I take my purchase to the counter, I notice him taking a "close examination" of me. I also noticed he was going to say something. I figured that since I was wearing one of my favorite cashmere sweaters, he would say something to the effect of how nice I looked, or how pretty my eyes were, or even how nicely I smelled. I figured he would give me the typical nice compliment.

But no.

Instead, he said I look really really tired. Good grief!

I guess I need to take a little shopping trip Bath and Body Works, Victoria's secret, and spend some serious time soaking in a tub of bubbles...


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