Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

Still working on getting a picture of Rorschach to post. Just have not had the heart to be taking pictures of him when he has been through so much. I have to medicate the poor little guy every day.

I have been carefully observing him all week for any signs of respiratory distress. So far no symptoms. Although a few nights ago he was purring rather deeply and I started to wonder if he was having any breathing problems. So, I popped him a Lasix to be on the safe side. Poor cat, he purrs and I force a Lasix down his throat.

Yes, I realize that spending my week watching my cat's breathing patterns show a need for me to get a life.

But anyhow, I love this post. It has me in giggles. Considering I have four cats and two foster cats, I can so relate.


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