Thursday, August 30, 2007

Orchid in a bottle?

Shiseido has put out a fragrance that supposedly mimics the Cymbidium faberi orchid fragrance. Orchid in a bottle.

Shiseido has named the fragrance Tentatrice, which is French for temptress.

It offers the following description:
"We present you the soft elegance of orchids in a bottle. Slowly and gently, the fragrance comes alive from the warmth of your skin, attracting and seducing all that is around you.

TENTATRICE--for the mature and sophisticated you. When the orchids blossom, a new attraction will be a part of you."

Sadly, the fragrance is not available in the U.S., but I did find a few places online. With a promise of attracting and seducing all that is around me, how can I possibly resist?

Like I need a reason to smell like exotic orchids?


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