Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orchid Guide

Although I was joking about becoming an orchid/botanical guide (see previous post), it turns out it is not far from the truth.

So far, two people expressed an interest in going with me on an expedition in a few weeks to see and photograph the rare Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid. Since it is such a long trip, I am going to throw in a couple of other wetlands on the way back for interest and to make the trip worthwhile.

They both agreed to meet me at 5 am to start the trip. But I am a little worried about how they will handle the Tiger mosquitos out there. But hopefully, the masculine attitude of "if she can do it, so can we" will kick in.

I am trying to figure out a way to tell them about the other aggressive biting insects and arthropods they will encounter. And I did not tell them that I sustained about 75+ bites (I stopped counting at 75) when I last went out there. I also did not tell them about the crustaceans and leeches we might encounter.

But I did promise that at some point we will stop for ice cream. So, we will come back all bitten--but happy.

An orchid guide? Wow. This is so cool. Who would have thought?


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