Friday, June 09, 2006


Galeandra dives:

Silent Tears

The simmering silence of night...
A slow whimper... a tiny sigh.
She is crying again....
Silently, achingly, wretchedly...
What demons are she running from?
What nightmares haunt her?
Or is it the mundane everyday life that is tearing her down?
Silent walls... words that hurt?
She cries, broken like a bird whose wings are clipped.
In a cage she has made for herself.
Can she find no escape?
No haven from this world of ours?
Why, oh why is she crying?
Why is there none to hear her?
To offer her some comfort?
In this world that seems to be so bright.
But can be the abyss of darkness for lost souls.
Souls with silent tears...

Anjas Jabbar
Copyright 2003

Photography credits to Thomas, my photography mentor...
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