Thursday, September 07, 2006

Getting Noticed

I really enjoy visiting the botanical gardens. It gives me not only an opportunity to do some photography, but also it is a place that has a soothing effect on me and seems to melt away my troubles when I can't make it to my woodland escape.

When I initially started visiting the botanical gardens this summer, there was this nice guide who came up to me and started talking to me. He told me that he remembered me from my previous visit the week prior. I thought to myself, how nice, that I formed such a memorable impression considering all the people that must wander through in a week's time frame. Maybe it was my blue eyes? Maybe he considered me attractive? Maybe the "whole package" left a memorable impression somehow. My curiosity got the better of me during the conversation, so I delicately asked him why it was that he remembered me out of so many people that wander through. He told me it was the ring flash on my camera and that he had never seen one before...

Just last week I was browsing through the gift shop at the botanical gardens. As I wandered through, someone at the counter got my attention and told me that I left one of my membership cards there last week and they have it for me. I told the person that it was very nice that I was remembered and thanked the person for bringing it to my attention. The person then said that my camera equipment was very distinctive and not so easy to forget...


Now, I do confess, that I know that I have a pair of really great macro lenses, but behind them after all is a person...


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