Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blogosphere Goodbyes

It always saddens me when a fellow blogger whose blog I read decides to finally leave the blogosphere. This has happened to me more than once. I don't ask why and I respect the reasons that the fellow blogger may have. But it is still sad because even a virtual part of my life is still part of my life.

Blogging for me has never been a pressure or need to post. I suppose it is done according to my whims? Sometimes I do it to convey a point or share an experience. Sometimes I do it to just express myself. Sometimes I do it just simply for me and me alone as an online journal.

I suppose the latter is what may be most important. That blogging is done for yourself.

For me, I will continue to roam the blogosphere until I find reason not to. I will continue to post and welcome comments. I will also continue to enjoy the thoughts of others in this virtual plane.

I also hope that those that have left the blogosphere will on occasion, venture back, even if only to lurk.


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