Monday, April 30, 2007

A Dramamine Moment

I am generally not prone to motion sickness. I do fine on planes, trains, automobiles, and of course boats. No problems as a rule.

My first bout of motion sickness occurred last year while attending the ASBMB conference. My labmate and I took a trip to Muir Woods. Muir Woods was great, but the trip to and from I spent curled up on the car seat in a fetal position. And to think my labmate scolded me for not being a "good navigator" during the trip! Did he really think me attempting to read a map under those circumstances was going to help our trip??? Somehow, a car ride up through those hilly regions left me feeling rather ill.

Now it would seem that once again motion sickness is upon me. For some reason, the shuttle bus ride to and from the clinic leaves me feeling ill. I don't know why, but I am noticing that it is certain drivers and certain shuttle buses that leave me feeling ill. But I am noticing that this problem is starting to generalize to where it is getting more and more frequent. No doubt, soon, just seeing a shuttle bus will be enough to induce feelings of nausea.

Starting my day off with feelings of nausea does not put me in a good mood overall in the morning. Morning sickness without being pregnant. Who would have thought?

And my labmates wonder why I am so crabby when I get in every morning?

Maybe I need to start a regiment of Dramamine?


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