Monday, May 14, 2007

Coffee Addiction

This weekend I had the joy of going to a coffee tasting event. I imagine it is just like wine tasting, only with coffee.

Part of the event was watching an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Also, I got to taste the coffee prepared by this traditional method. The coffee that was prepared in this manner was incredible and beyond words. The green coffee beans are roasted over heat (it probably doesn't get any fresher than roasting prior to preparation) in the presence of cloves and false cardamon. The cloves and the false cardamon give it such an incredible nuance that I can't even begin to describe. More info on this method can be found here.

As many may already know, coffee is Ethiopia's gift to the world. No doubt that they would have found an incredible manner in which to prepare this wonderful beverage.

The coffee prepared in this manner has left such an impression on my taste buds that I must master this method. Although I think I will pass on the actual ceremony.


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