Monday, July 03, 2006

Documentation of Weirdness

The previous post (see below) is a picture of Mohsin's nose and part of his upper lip (in focus and deliberate). Mohsin is a postdoc in our lab and was very kind to be my photography subject and indulge my curiosity with regards to trying out my new 4+ diopter lens adapter. The main subject material for my photography passion is flora and my camera equipment was purchased with that in mind. However, curiosity got the better of this Kat and I wanted to see what the capabilities were in terms of a human subject matter. The idea of super macro shots was more than my curiosity could bear.

During this process of using Mohsin as my photography subject, I evoked the curiosity and amusement of my other labmates. Thomas, my photography mentor and one of the researchers in the lab, was amused to no end and decided to grab my digital point and shoot from my camera bag nearby and take impromptu photographs of this photography session. I think he was laughing his behind off through the whole process.

So, here I am making the adjustments on my tripod (will get a better one later) and trying to move the camera in properly:

Poor Mohsin seems to be wondering what he got himself into, no?

I photographed various parts of Moshin's face. His eyes, the corner of his eyes, follicles, and various wrinkles. Here I am manually focusing on the blood vessels in his eyes. In order to obtain these type of close shots, I had to manually focus the camera. No luxury of auto focus here:

At this point, it seems that poor Mohsin is wondering what he got himself into, especially since he is not allowed the slightest movement. Any slight movements ruin the shot with this type of closeup. Diana, in the background, looks on rather amused I would say.

Did I miss a calling as a medical photographer? Maybe!

Really now, is curiosity such a bad thing????


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