Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer Meme

Okay, I finally decided to come out of hiding and do a meme. I guess eventually you have to do one, no?

Here is one for summer:

Favorite summer flower: Roses.
Flavor of ice cream or tofutti: Chocolate, Butter Pecan, and Vanilla.
Mode of transportation: Sandals or my hiking shoes.
Music: Anything classical or some nice jazz is good for summer.
Food: Almost anything fresh from the garden! Mulberries, raspberries, blackberries, and peaches are my favorites.
Favorite game to play: Badminton and shooting with water pistols.
Earliest childhood summer memory: Collecting shells and stones at the beach.
Favorite Drink: Lemonade--fresh!
Favorite Snack: Chilled cherries
Place to read: On the porch or on the beach.
Most annoying: mosquito bites. I am slightly allergic to them and they swell up more than for the average person--so I walk around looking like I have some disease in which the CDC needs to be called in.
How I handle the heat: I usually handle heat fairly well. But if it gets to be too much, going to a park or taking a cool bath helps.
Pet Peeve: I love to sleep with my windows open (prefer over air-conditioning). My pet peeve is neighbors that are loud past a "proper" time.
Mistake for which no one in my family will ever forgive you: Not getting the best directions for a trip.
All-time favorite bathing suit: A Bikini. There is something sensual about exposing one's navel to the warmth of the sun.
Best Time of Day: Early dusk when the fireflies are coming out.
Most romantic: Walking on a beach.
Summer movie: Usually don't watch much movies in the summer because there are so many other things to do!
Best for sex: A summer thunderstorm...

There are no rules for this meme, of course. Summer time is no time for rules!

Thanks to On Being a Scientist and Woman


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